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Benefits of Being a TOGAF-Certified Enterprise Architect

Having TOGAF certification proves that you’re an A-list enterprise architect. It helps you know and show a complete understanding of the why’s behind every element of its structure. In addition, it offers you the ability to create and re-organize your business architecture to rectify its mistakes.

As great as this is, there are a lot more reasons to get TOGAF certification such as the following:As great as this is, there are so many other reasons to become TOGAF-certified, including the following:As great as this is, here are five more advantages offered by TOGAF certification:

Unstoppable Demand

One significant reason to receive your TOGAF certification is the fast-growing demand for enterprise architects today. The UK is presently the world leader in TOGAF-certified professionals, accounting for some 16% of all TOGAF certifications all over the globe. Figures indicate the certification’s popularity and the rate at which it is growing. The momentum TOGAF has right now is a flat out sign of the increasing demand for TOGAF certified enterprise architects today.

Learning a Universal EA Language

TOGAF-certified EAs make use of a common language and body of expertise. A crucial goal of TOGAF is to make sure that you can identify the needs of your business with great accuracy. Knowing the EA language puts you in a better place to lead your team and the business to addressing these needs, and that boosts your worth as a manager.

Meeting Your Organization’s Demands

Another primary objective of TOGAF is to teach you the ways to meet your organization’s demands in the most effective ways possible. This comes with identifying your IT expenses and finding areas where the money could be used more efficiently. Aside from this, TOGAF aims to teach you how you can make teams work in more perfect harmony, allowing you to see how processes can be streamlined. This minimizes costs and friction, increasing the overall efficiency of every staff member and their respective departments.

Building Professional Trust

You probably already know the uniqueness and value of the the skills you will learn from TOGAF certification. More than that, considering that TOGAF is an internationally esteemed certification, you earn a high level of trust from people you work with and for, including your customers. This helps avoid, if not totally eradicate, conflicts in EA management. When you are certified, your reputation instantly improves, now that you have demonstrated proven, premium level skills. You can claim to be skilled, but this will not help unless you actually have evidence to prove it.

Investment Into the Future

Lastly, reinforcing the previous stated point, certification can strengthen your value to businesses. As soon as you have earned your certification, this could translate into a potential pay hike. Once you’re certified, there is no huge need for more EA certification. Overall, getting TOGAF certified is an auspicious investment in your future through freshly acquired skills.

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